people waiting to see hybrid machines

The new hybrid machines of the E³ series have been introduced to the public at a well-attended event held at Salzburg main station in the course of the Convention of the Austrian Society for Traffic and Transport Science (ÖVG).

The stars of the evening were waiting close to Salzburg main station: two track maintenance machines of the E³ series fitted with hybrid drive technology, a world first. It was the first time that E³, the triad of Economic, Ecologic and Ergonomic, could be seen live and with original machines. Around 280 track maintenance experts did not want to miss out on the opportunity to see this innovation and followed the parade of the two heavy-duty machines with interest.

For the first time, these machines have additionally been fitted with electric drive technology. Whenever current can be collected from the overhead line, the hybrid machines work and drive electrically. This is an advantage, not only for work site operation, but also for transfer travel as diesel, exhaust gas and noise emissions are reduced.

And as shown in Salzburg, these machines are anything but small and compact: the hybrid models of the 09-4X Dynamic Tamping Express E³ and the BDS 2000 E³ were introduced. The hybrid drive car is located at one end of each machine. It is equipped with the pantograph (mounted on the roof) and further electric drive technology including the high-voltage module, transformer, power converter, motor and control.

The pump distributor gear is revved up by the electric motor or the diesel engine. The drive is hydrostatic. The result is impressive: the machines run as quietly as an electric train. Thus, the clean energy from the contact wire benefits the working operation.

Presenters informed the experts attending the event in Salzburg about the machines’ technology and special features including the improved ergonomic design and its benefits for the operators, and many other aspects of the E³ series. These benefits could be witnessed while the machines passed by the audience several times.

Moreover, the two-part 09-4X Dynamic Tamping Express E³ is fitted with optional equipment such as sound-insulating features at the tamping and stabilising units. The redesigned, three-part BDS 2000 E³ allows a MFS unit to be added to the ballast hopper.