General Plastics

General Plastics (GP) received the 2016 Grand Award in the small category (for companies with less than 100 employees) during the 29th Annual Wisconsin Manufacturer of the Year Awards Ceremony on February 23.

GP was one of four grand award winners. All manufacturers, large and small, were evaluated in areas such as financial growth and consistency, technological advances, product development, environmental solutions and sustainability, operational excellence / continuous improvement, commitment to employees and the future workforce of Wisconsin, community stewardship and effective research and development.

"This award recognises Wisconsin companies that demonstrate a commitment to business excellence, which has a positive impact on the company and the state – making Wisconsin a better place to live, work and play," said Kurt R. Bauer, President / CEO of Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce.

"We are very proud of this award because it affirms our common core values and culture as a company. It is an honor to receive this recognition and its presence in the company will continue to provide the incentive and continued enthusiasm for our constant endeavour to look for ways in which we can grow through advanced technology and innovation," said Bob Porsche, Owner and President, General Plastics.

"Our state’s manufacturers are a critical part of Wisconsin’s heritage and Wisconsin’s future, and we are proud to honor many of the manufacturers that are utilising new technologies and innovation that is changing the way we will look in the industry for years to come," said Bauer.

The statewide recognition programme is co-sponsored by Baker Tilly, one of America’s largest accounting and advisory firms; Michael Best, a preeminent law firm serving the manufacturing industry; and Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce, the state’s largest business association.