RIFTEK, one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of wheel sets geometry measurement tools, has launched a new generation of Laser Wheel Profilometer. A distinctive feature of these profilometers is the use of a blue laser instead of a red one. This solution can significantly increase the reliability of the control of wheels with very shiny surfaces.

Information about wear over the entire profile is obtained by using non-contact laser scanning of the wheel surface. Only a two second period is required to measure parameters of the wheel flange (height, thickness, and slope), rim thickness and width, and any other additional parameters specified by user.

Our devices will soon be displayed at the Railtex’15 Expo at the NEC Birmingham, UK by our British partner company IXTHUS Instrumentation Ltd. The event will be held 12-14 May 2015.

Equipment will be demonstrated at IXTHUS Instrumentation booth V55, including the wheel diameter measuring gauge, railway wheel profile gauge, back-to-back distance measuring gauge, disk brakes profile gauge and rail profile measurement gauge.