Thales has awarded Westermo Data Communications a contract to supply the company with industrial networking technology for its project at Hong Kong International Airport. The project involves incorporating Westermo’s Viper Ethernet switches into Thales’ SelTrac CBTC (communications-based train control) system.

"We’re proud to supply switches for the Hong Kong International Airport project," said Westermo managing director Mark Hendel. "This project will demonstrate how well Westermo switches can perform in situations where reliability and safety are critical."

"The SelTrac CBTC system acts as the brains of the cars," said Steve Poret, system design specialist at Thales.

The system includes radios, security devices, operations displays for drivers, vehicle on-board controllers and platform door controllers. For the system to function properly, all of these devices need to be connected and communicate with one another. The Westermo Viper switch will facilitate and extend this data communication by connecting the cars through Ethernet.

The project is currently in preliminary design phases with completion scheduled for June 2015.