Weighwell has recently implemented three PTW1s in Indonesia, after supplying portable train weighing systems to the country in 2009. After carrying out initial classroom training in Bekasi (West Java) we carried out further training and on-site commissioning at Manggarai Railway Workshop (Central Jakarta). Each weighing system is suited to the wide variety of differing track gauges and rail profiles situated throughout Indonesia with the ability to ‘check weigh’ rolling stock within 20 minutes.

In Indonesia there are two primary government institutions that manage the railways (the Ministry of Transportation and the Indonesia State Railways Co). The Ministry of Transportation (Kementrian Perhubungan / KEMENHUB) are the directorate general of railways and the regulator of the various railway transportation policies and maintenance procedures, whilst the Indonesian State Railways Co. (PT Kereta Api Indonesia) are a state owned corporation and operator of the public railways.

Offering individual wheel weights, the Indonesian Ministry of Transportation will primarily use our in-motion train weighing systems to inspect and monitor a variety of rolling stock. The main reason behind this is to verify and highlight any wheel or axle imbalances. Although the Indonesian Ministry of Transportation will oversee the operation of the portable train weighers (PTW) the weighing results will also aid PT Kereta Api in monitoring and maintaining the public railways in Indonesia.

Paul Horsfall, managing director, commented that ‘the recent project in Indonesia shows our ability to cater our industry leading product the PTW towards our international audience and understand the different cultures and practices in foreign markets’. The PTW1 with its in-house developed digital indicator unit provides the ability to export weighing results for use in Excel to allow further in-depth analysis whilst the thermal printer allows for instantaneous printouts.

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