The label swiss engineering means at Pixy AG technical innovation, reliability and durability. For over 20 years, our strategic focus was on the development and production of visualisation solutions for rail-bound traffic. Today our screenboards are world-class in terms of cockpit visualisation.

Let the benefits and technical lead of our new developments convince you and test these yourself. At this year’s Innotrans, Pixy AG presents three new products: the small SIP-32 at 6.5in, the data logger unit, and the compact Screenboard INC-100 with a 10.4in display also available with a 1.4in status display and a colour-backlit keyboard as an option.

Also entering the market is the new PAD version 3.3. The new key feature is shared memory, which allows starting customer-specific background applications from PAD. Additionally, it is now possible to import audio files. It is also possible to define different color schemes for the PAD application, so you can adjust the colors of the various graphical components across the entire application with just a few clicks.

The upcoming version 3.4.0 boasts lots of expansions for the diagnostic system, a USB service drive and many new workflow optimisation features. An access control system is introduced to define various privileges for different users to determine which actions can be carried out by which users.