We embarked on a brand new challenge in the field of simulation: a ‘3D Cave Simulator’ to train track maintenance staff for safety procedures, assess their time response in stressful environment and certify their skills.

Infrabel, the Belgian railway infrastructure manager which ordered the project, is the world first Infrastructure manager to benefit from this technology. It reduces railway risks for track workers.

The 3D Cave Track Simulator consists in a platform, surrounded by 3D screens, that recreates the environment of agents working on tracks. The simulator immerses trainees in their daily environment and provides a very accurate and realistic experience of training while keeping students safe from traffic exposure and related security issues.

Multiple exercises can be simulated in different virtual geographical areas of the network and go from standard to abnormal or stressful situations. Trainees can thus acquire or hone appropriate reflexes, thereby reducing risks of accident on field.

Transurb also provided an observer wall to allow trainees to follow their colleagues carrying out the simulation exercise. The simulation is supervised via the instructor station which includes a learning management system and centralises all data: trainings, tests and results, certificates of expertise.

This new training programme will improve the overall quality of agents training and results in a major progress in terms of track safety.