The brand new optically enhanced video wall manufactured by GDS for Jernbaneverket (JBV), the Norwegian State Rail Administration, has been inaugurated on 20 September. The new timetable display installed in the National Theatre railway station, Oslo is made of 25 pieces of 46in LCD displays with improved readability in high ambient light conditions.

JBV has chosen GDS because the technology embedded has demonstrated a good match between image quality, safety in public environments, reliability and serviceability, says Geir Hagen, engineering manager telecom at JBV.

The G-Bond lamination process applied to these screens, by reducing internal reflections, increases the contrast ratio and makes the content clearer and more readable in open spaces where high ambient light can be a problem. The new video wall allows passengers to spot immediately the information they are looking for even in the rush of the last train call.

The bonding technology improves the safety of the system by reinforcing the frontal surface of the glass and by keeping the pieces together in case of accidental breaks.

The narrow bezel between the screens guarantees a seamless view from the long distance and fast reading without interruptions.
The mechanical frame and the bracket system have been designed to allow flexible and modular installations and guarantees easy access for service and maintenance.

The thermal management system allows the video wall to operate 24 / 7 in semi-outdoor environments between 0°C and 40°C.

This installation is part of the Norwegian railways modernisation project, that foresees a wider screen to be installed in Oslo Sentralstasjon next year.