Vector Lifting has developed a compact and efficient Drop Table to assist in safely facilitating the replacement of a wheel set-traction motor assembly from under a locomotive.

The Drop Table is installed in a pit below rail level and consists of a trolley, lifting columns, lifting platform and traction motor positioner. When not in use the Drop Table is positioned in the "Home" position to ensure rail through the depot is continuous and the area of the pit is enclosed.

In the "Home" position the Drop Table rails are aligned to the Service Track rails and also locked into the foundation. Locking tongues slide from under the lifting table into the pit wall support brackets to support the lifting table for safe passage of locomotives and rolling stock over the Drop Table.

Fixed to the base of the pit is a pair of rails that allows the drop table to traverse along the pit. Once the wheelset and traction motor have been disengaged from the locomotive the carriage will lower the assembly and travel to the maintenance line to allow the wheelset traction motor to be remove or repaired.

The lifting platform provides a work area from which personnel can access the wheel set. Also there is an elevated structure from the floor of the lifting platform to support the traction motor positioner. A Traction Motor Positioner is located on the platform to support and tilt the traction motor. This action positions the traction motor for its release from or reconnection to the locomotive bogie. By the combined action of the trolley, lifting columns and traction motor positioner the wheel set is removed / installed from under the locomotive.

The Drop table is design to improve safety and efficiency within the maintenance depots to ensure a fast turnaround on locomotive services.