US-based tablet computing solutions provider Xplore Technologies has successfully fulfilled a number of ultra-rugged tablet orders for an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) customer, which have a combined value of more than $3.2m.

The XC6 M2 tablet computers are being integrated into a customised third-party solution and then resold to the US military as part of an ongoing multimillion-dollar project that started in 2012 to improve sensitive data collection and secure communications in the field.

Xplore president and CEO Mark Holleran said: "Xplore rugged tablets have always been engineered to support the missions of both our customers and their customers, the ultimate end-user.

"The value of our collaborative work with this OEM customer to design and deliver a high-performance military-grade mobility solution remains unmatched, even as competitors attempt to penetrate the market.

"The XC6 M2 consistently serves the specialised interests of the US military, while physically protecting the service members completing assignments in both land and sea based theatres of operation."

Over the last five years, thousands of Intel®-powered XC6 M2 tablets have been used by US military branches to achieve complete situational awareness and real-time data analysis, even in the most rugged and remote regions.

The IP67 and C1D2 / ATEX certified ultra-rugged tablet platform has proven to be the most adaptive and reliable Windows® mobile computer for the data-intensive demands of mission planning, training, surveillance and command and control.

For more information on Xplore XC6 ultra-rugged tablet solutions, as well as Xplore’s other military-ready rugged tablet platforms, please contact the company via the enquiries form.