WiFi on trains in Britain is to receive a major fillip, with government money being earmarked to help fund this growing sector. Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, is set to help finance on-board WiFi services in his forthcoming budget.

Graham Wilde, CEO of Wireless and Transport Consultancy BWCS, said: "The UK is already leading the way in this area, with far more trains connected up to WiFi than elsewhere in the world. This fresh investment will help boost the whole industry. Arguably it will also ease congestion as commuters can stagger their journeys to work as well as be more productive on the trains."

Of the 25 rail franchise operators in Britain, twelve currently have no on-board WiFi service. This is despite the fact that recent studies have shown how on-board Internet access can boost the number of people choosing to travel by train. The government’s decision to help in this sector is expected to be lauded as a means of getting more passengers onto trains.

The provision of broadband wireless services to and from trains will be examined and discussed in detail at a major global conference on the subject hosted by BWCS later this year – the WiFi on Trains Conference – Train Communications Systems 2013.

The Conference will be held in London on 12 and 13 June this year.