RATP, the Parisian public transport operator, and Transurb Technirail have known each other for some time now.

Back in 2007, Transurb Technirail cooperated in a project, named OURAGAN, with OKTAL (prime contractor) to supply 21 compact training units for the training of RATP’s A line drivers.

With a simplified driver post and integrated theory module, OURAGAN workstations allowed a step-by-step acquisition of driving skills and a standardised assessment of theoretic knowledge.

RATP ordered an additional 11 compact training units in 2008, following the high level of user-satisfaction of the initial project.

Earlier this month RATP announced the expansion of the OURAGAN project with a third order of 11 compact training units, bringing their total up to 43 simulators.

Transurb Technirail’s Simulation Department will be providing most of the hardware for these 11 simulators.

This renewed confidence from RATP demonstrates Transurb Technirail’s commitment to long-term client relationships and the ability to deliver quality training solutions.