For one of its customers, Vecturis purchased a freight train driving simulation solution.

This project consists of one full-cab simulator and four compacts which simulate a diesel-electric locomotive on the ‘Caminhos de Ferro de Benguela’ (CFB) network. It also includes an instructor station as well as an observer wall.

The full-cab contains all the on-board driving equipment and controls to realistically simulate the rolling stock. The compacts are simplified versions which offer trainees predefined exercises and allow self-study. Instructors have their own station to control and supervise simulation sessions. Moreover, they can share and comment sessions with other trainees thanks to observation screens.

The solution aims to train drivers for specific aspects of freight transportation. For instance, it targets eco-driving which greatly reduces fuel consumption.

Simulators are also intended to get drivers familiarised with CFB network. To do so, we organised a video campaign and reproduced 100km of CFB tracks including difficult segments.

For the sake of realism, the specific weather conditions of South Africa, such as heavy rains or thick dust, are also simulated.