Nomad will showcase a recently deployed ground-breaking technology solution at this year’s Wi-Fi on Trains Conference – Train Communications Systems 2016.

The Newcastle-based company recently procured, designed and configured what is reportedly the first WiMAX trackside system to support operationally critical rail signalling communications in North America. The system provides communications for operational applications such as positive train control, closed-circuit television, passenger emergency information, public announcement and maintenance data systems.

Nomad, together with Icomera and 21Net, will be one of a small number of trailblazing suppliers speaking at the conference. These pioneers have shown the way in connecting up trains, adding Wi-Fi and on-board entertainment services as well as developing wirelessly-delivered cost-cutting systems. In collaboration with a major European train operator, Nomad has developed what it says is a world-first live terrestrial broadcast TV solution over IP for the rail market.

The Conference is firmly focused on getting train operators to share their real-life stories of putting Wi-Fi onto their trains, fighting to keep the customers happy and struggling to add new services and increase bandwidth.

US train operator Amtrak will speak at the conference giving the scoop on how its much-vaunted trackside network trials have developed. Indian Railways, the largest train company in the world, will relate its experiences of trying to get Wi-Fi onto trains and stations across its vast network and Deutsche Bahn will detail the revamping and relaunching of its Wi-Fi on trains services.

On-train Wi-Fi in Europe is experiencing a double-boost as governments begin to back schemes to improve train to shore connectivity and competition on certain rail-routes begins to kick in. As rival operators compete to win passengers on-board Wi-Fi and entertainment services can help either woo new customers or help persuade travellers to remain loyal to established companies.

The expanding market for on-board Wi-Fi services as well as the problems of intermittent mobile coverage, proposed trackside solutions and other issues facing the UK and the rest of the world will all be covered in this year’s Wi-Fi on Trains Conference hosted by BWCS. For more information please see the event’s website or contact Ross Parsons at BWCS.

The conference is being sponsored by Icomera (Gold), Nomad Digital (Silver), BAI Communications (Bronze), 21Net, (Cocktails), Teldat (Lunch Day 1) and RADWIN (Lunch Day 2).