On-train passenger entertainment and operational cost-saving services are being revolutionised by the supply of broadband wireless services to trains, argues a new report titled The European Market for Train-Based Wireless Broadband Services 2012, by Transport and wireless Consultancy BWCS.

"We’ve seen the rise of WiFi on trains creep forward over the last few years, but now as competition becomes a reality, operators old and new are scrambling to make their trains WiFi-receptive," says report author Betty Altemuller.

The report details the launch of new services in every individual European market and highlights the progress such systems are making.

Altemuller argues: "There is an increasingly compelling business case for train companies to get WiFi on to their rolling stock, both in terms of giving them a USP in the battle to win passengers and in terms of reducing operating costs."

The European Market for Train-Based Wireless Broadband Services 2012 provides detailed analysis of the current state of play in this fast-moving market. It also contains projections for the growth of the various services in each country and across Europe over the next ten years.

The report, which will officially be launched at BWCS’ Train Communications Systems Conference in London next month, will make vital reading for train operators and suppliers alike.