PantoInspect technology is designed to protect contact wires by detecting damage to train pantographs. It allows for pantographs to be replaced and repaired before overhead power wiring is torn down.

PantoInspect benefits everyone and delivers value to infrastructure owners, rail operators, and the service companies supporting them, as well as the passengers and operating personnel themselves.

One of the main advantages of using the PantoInspect technology is the reduced cost of repair and maintenance work on catenary wires through automated inspection. The effect is to drastically reduce disruption to scheduled rail transport services, and avoid any possible brand tarnishing that may be associated with such disruptions.

Whenever any defects are detected by the PantoInspect technology, they are reported to the rail company via an efficient data processing system. This allows the operators to be notified of any problems, giving them an opportunity to combat the issue and prevent any tearing of overhead wiring.

In addition to the direct safety related benefits of using the PantoInspect technology, the reduced risks and increased passenger and personnel safety level can help prevent further costly litigation, such as injury or accident compensation claims, as well as any negative publicity.

The PantoInspect solution also allows for multiple inspections and measures a diverse set of features continuously, such as horns, uplift pressure and train speed inspections.