Trafficability on Ballastless Track Redefined

A new type of low vibration track (LVT) system now exists: with LVT traffic, vehicles with pneumatic tyres can also run on ballastless track.

Modern rescue concepts are frequently based on vehicles running on pneumatic tyres going into tunnels. LVT traffic makes this possible: the combined track is realized by an additional cast-in-place concrete layer and newly developed LVT supports. These have high shoulders and can be separated from the cast-in-place concrete layer with special developed formwork covers. This means that LVT traffic displays the same exceptional behaviour in terms of track deflection and vibration mitigation as all previous LVT solutions.

The advantages:

  • With excellent vibration attenuation and dual level elasticity, LVT traffic has the typical properties of an LVT system
  • All components can be easily replaced
  • The solution does not depend on track geometry
  • The track can be assembled easily and efficiently without precast elements
  • The construction process is in line with conventional ballastless track construction methods

Drawing of ballastless track with LVT traffic.