Tracksure and L.B. Foster

UK-based Tracksure, a wholly owned subsidiary of Wheelsure Holdings, and US-based L.B. Foster Company have concluded an exclusive distribution agreement, which will see L.B. Foster sell the innovative Tracksure fastener range throughout North America.

L.B. Foster vice-president for rail products and sales Greg Lippard said: "We are happy to conclude this exciting deal after an extensive period of trialling and research with the Tracksure fastening system.

"Tracksure is an excellent fit with the L.B. Foster offer and we are already installing Tracksure products in diamond crossings with several North American Class 1 railroads."

The Tracksure range of specialist rail fasteners are based on a unique patented technology that prevents nuts loosening through vibration and settlement and offer railroad managers significant safety and operational benefits.

"We have been working with L.B. Foster and their customers for over two years now on proving the product and establishing the route to market", said Gerry Mulder, chairman of Tracksure.

"We know that our twin benefits of enhanced safety and reduced maintenance costs appeal to all infrastructure managers and we are absolutely delighted that L.B. Foster is now going to market our products to the North American rail industry."

Tracksure’s range is suitable for any railroad application, where vibration loosening and joint settlement leads to a constant safety and maintenance challenge. The Tracksure kit features a modified bolt with a left-hand thread added, which in turn accommodates a locking nut and a stainless serrated locking cover.

After torqueing the original nut to the accepted standards, the left-hand locking nut is tightened against it on the opposite thread; the locking cover is then applied to both nuts and the opposite threads under the cover prevent any movement or loosening. The patented technology, which is widely used and approved in Europe, is simple to install and entirely serviceable.

For more information, please contact L.B. Foster.