trace v40x

Leading Embedded Computing Technology (ECT) company Kontron is pleased to announce the arrival of the TRACe V40x-TR, which is a new fanless computer system that has been specifically designed to deliver IP-based video surveillance on passenger trains.

TRACe can store, process and analyze imagery in real-time, or stream video recorded by surveillance cameras.

In standard configurations, the robust TRACe V40x-TR is compliant with the EN50155 standard for electronic equipment on rolling stock and provides outstanding performance, reliability and storage capacity for demanding railway environments.

TRACe V407-TR is based on a 6th Generation Skylake Intel® Core (TM) i7-6600U (dual Core @ 2,6GHz) processor with soldered 8GB DDR4 memory and 32GB SLC Flash; TRACe V403-TR is based on an Intel Core i3-6100U @ 2×2,3GHz processor.

The TRACe V40x-TR family features two independent networks with M12 connectors for recording IP camera video streams.

Power supplies range from 24V DC to 110V DC nominal input voltage, accommodating all types of railway vehicles from light rail vehicles to high-speed trains.

The front plate provides two isolated and lockable M12 connectors, meeting the EN50155 standard.

The rear plate hosts standard connectors for maintenance: Display Port, USB 3.0 / 2.0, and Serial lines.

Additionally, TRACe V40x-TR can be equipped with several wireless interfaces, field busses such as RS422 / 485, CAN, or MVB, as well as optional I/Os such as DIOs, Audio, and USB.

The TRACe V40x-TR meets all railway application requirements including onboard CCTV, entertainment and infotainment passenger information systems (PIS), as well as train control and management systems (TCMS).

TRACe comes with two removable drive bays, enabling a storage capacity of up to 4TB (with dual 2TB industrial SSDs).

One model can be equipped with up to 8TBs of storage capacity thanks to two optional additional removable drive bays.

The SSDs indicate their operating status via LEDs and can be replaced during operation (‘Hot-plug’).
Moreover, the drive bays are lockable and application data security is provided by RAID 0 / 1 / 5 capability.

A health management unit ensures smooth operation, continuously monitoring the most important functions with multiple sensors.

An integrated microcontroller, which is independent from the main processor monitor’s several temperature sensors, controls supply voltages and current and traces the status of major components with Vital Product Data (VPD).

Kontron Health Management Software Package covers all vital TRACe resources required to report, log and transmit any information and event during operation.

Health Management data are accessible locally, via ethernet / intranet or Internet / Cloud.

They enable data analytics to support asset management, preventive maintenance, and fleet management that can be provided by CMON-line monitoring solution by Kontron.

TRACe V40x-TR supports Kontron’s security solution, APPROTECT, powered by Wibu.

This solution is based on an integrated Wibu security chip and offers comprehensive security mechanisms such as IP and copy protection, while avoiding reverse engineering.