Kontron has announced its TRACe™ HMID104-CK, an EN50155-certified fanless operational panel PC display.

Specifically designed for transportation systems, Kontron’s new advanced touch-screen HMI offers a flexible building block platform, which enables developers of train control systems to quickly adapt functionality to different needs, such as train functionality operational displays for drivers, passenger information displays and on-board computers.

Moreover, Kontron’s TRACe-HMI delivers a unified architecture approach with the full standardised TRACe family of products, enabling maximum interoperability .

These benefits allow original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and integrators to do away with unnecessary development costs while helping to accelerate time to market, from application design to deployment schedules. Cost reductions in the certification phase can also be achieved by leveraging the same TRACe architecture for various applications.

The TRACe-HMI joins Kontron’s full line of TRACe application ready, standards-based and certified solutions designed to make transportation systems safer, more cost-effective and reliable. All Kontron’s TRACe transportation computing platforms integrate comprehensive health management capabilities.

This built-in, intelligent solution provides a modular and scalable set of uniform test routines to assess the health status and configuration of the complete system. Equipped with a dedicated microcontroller and sensors to monitor all vital functions, TRACe health management features continuously monitor and report the status of the TRACe system while running normal operations.

The result is enhanced security along with improved diagnostics and the ability to do preventative maintenance for enhanced remote fleet management. Controlling health management features can be done either locally or remotely through the Internet: providing a major advantage to support fleet management, asset management frameworks or the application itself.

This enables operators to reduce dramatically the maintenance and possession costs from preventive maintenance and the ability to optimise logistics management

Based on Kontron’s COM Express© Computer-on-Module (COM) integrating the Intel® Atom E3845 processor, the TRACe-HMI offers excellent processing performance and low power consumption providing an ideal high performance per watt ratio.

Delivering a highly rugged design, the complete system is EN50155 Class Tx certified and supports extended temperature operation (-40°C to 70°C / 10 min at 85°C) ensuring safe deployment in trains, trams and underground vehicles.

This fanless and maintenance-free driver console combines cost optimisation with modularity and upgradability. It features a capacitive-touch 10.4-in TFT (SVGA 800×600) display with anti-vandal glass along with an UIC612 keyboard. Resistive touch screen and / or no-keyboard variants are also available on demand.

TRACe-HMID104-CK offers a comprehensive feature set and all necessary interfaces including two gigabit ethernet (GbE) ports and optional serial interfaces, USB ports, audio and GPIOs. It also features flexible I/O (3x MiniPCIe slots), wide range power supply (from 24VDC to 110VDC) and modular design as well as optional support for the full range of field buses such as MVB, TRDP, IPCom, Profibus, and CANbus.

In addition, the TRACe-HMI has a soldered 2GB DDR3 ECC system memory and an on-board high reliability 8GB SLC solid state drive, as well as embedded Linux or WES8 operating systems. Thanks to its modular low power and robust design, the Kontron TRACe HMI matches long-term programme lifecycle needs of 20 years or more with very high availability and outstanding MTBF.

For more information on the TRACe-HMID104-CK, contact Kontron.