The first passenger information displays (PID) created by Infotec Ltd for the Thameslink Programme in London have been installed, providing customers with comprehensive information in high definition and with the smoothest possible scrolling.

Designed to improve north-south rail travel through London, Thameslink will see trains departing station platforms every two to three minutes at peak times, demanding the shortest possible downtime.

Network Rail recognised that to help minimise how long it takes customers to get on trains, information about services needed to be presented along the length of the extended platforms to encourage passenger spread.

Infotec worked with all parties involved to devise an innovative solution that it could deliver as a result of its expert in-house designers, software engineers, manufacturing capabilities and test facilities.

As a result, TR42P TFT displays are being mounted as pairs with the ‘master’ providing details of the next train and the ‘slave’ showing the second and subsequent trains due. The two displays work as one. They include train formation pictograms and vertical scrolling information.

Complex scripting language has been developed by Infotec to make these run as smooth as silk. The enclosures, with ease of access for maintenance, have also been designed by Infotec.

At the heart of the new displays is Infotec’s latest Tetrus multi-core HD controller, designed to meet all performance requirements on an efficient and reliable platform. Tetrus uses ARM-based technology to offer HD graphics. As its designer, Infotec can control the lifecycle and migration routes to ensure forward compatibility.

Installation of the new displays is underway at Farringdon Station with Blackfriars to follow. Infotec is also involved in work at London Bridge, another of the stations being overhauled as part of the £6.5bn Thameslink Programme.

Commenting, Infotec Managing Director Tim Court says: "We worked very closely with Network Rail and the TOCs involved to design displays that provide the level of quality and detail that a modern traveller demands.

"It is very satisfying to see the first of them installed and we are confident they will encourage passengers to use the entire length of the platforms."