Częstochowa is the Mecca for all the pilgrims from Poland and abroad. It is the city which the Pope visits quite regularly. What is more, in Częstochowa the World Youth Day event was hosted. Tourist attendance is rather high, so decisive bodies governing the city have decided to completely renovate the Częstochowa Stradom Station.

The main goal of the renovation in question has been to increase the comfort of passengers. Dysten, the producer of information boards, has managed to boost the satisfaction of individuals taking advantage of the station. Passenger information should always be readable and clear. This is very important, because high readability affects decisions of passengers and helps them orientate themselves quickly.

In the case of the Częstochowa Stradom Station renovation, the works have not only been oriented towards the complete redesign of platforms and tunnels, but also – towards the installation of a state-of-the-art passenger information system. Within the scope of the investment, comprehensive audio and visual passenger information systems have been installed. They include:

  • TFT passenger information displays for tunnels: in the tunnels, internal displays have been installed next to entrances to platforms. They provide passengers with pieces of information on trains departing from a given platform within the set timeframe (Tb1 model)
  • Passenger Information Infokiosk for station: multifunctional devices allowing for the presentation of a comprehensive schedule for a given station/platform or the provision of nearest departures and arrivals only – selection can be made by means of interactive choices. Devices have been installed next to the entrance to the station (Iksz-20 model)
  • TFT passenger information displays for platforms: free-standing, one and two-sided passenger information boards displaying 20 next departures and arrivals (TI1s-20 and TI2s-20 models)

Some devices have been installed in places that are directly exposed to sunlight. In Poland, approximately 40% of all days in the year are sunny and the highest registered temperature in the country exceeded 40°C. While taking into account typical weather conditions in the country as well as the device installation spots, the DYSTEN Company has proposed the introduction of High Brightness LCD TFT 3000 nit passenger information displays in order to make key data visible even in direct sunlight. Additionally, a protective glass eliminating all types of reflections and distortions.

What is more, the devices are fully operational in all weather conditions identified in Poland, including rain, snow, frost, dampness, strong winds, both low and high temperatures, as well as UV radiation. All the components of the boards have been installed inside a corrosion-resistant cover that also protects them against dust and contaminations.