Inteletrack (Pty) Ltd has won a five-year contract for the supply of advance end-of-train telemetry (EOT) systems to Transnet Freight Rail (TFR), South Africa.

The use of EOTs is mandatory in South Africa on all freight trains.

The system was developed over a five-year period and extensively tested to ensure safe operation. The basic EOT system monitors the air brake pressure on the last wagon and sends a message via radio to the cab unit situated in the locomotive. This ensures the correct operation of the braking system of the train. Emergency brakes can also be applied from the back of the train to minimise the stopping distance of the train.

The advanced EOT also includes a train integrity function. The train length, cab speed and rear speed is continuously monitored. When a train parts, an alarm is sounded and a ‘Train Error’ message is displayed. Other features of the advanced EOT includes wireless derailment detectors and data loggers in the cab and rear units. The rear unit also reports its position, speed and pressure on regular intervals via GSM to a central database.

The total requirement for the TFR contract is 2,596 cab (HOT) and 1,525 rear (SBU) units over the five-year period.

Inteletrack is an ISO: 9001 certified company and exports EOTs to various countries in Africa, the Middle East and Asia.