Televic Rail of Izegem Belgium and Onyxrail of Birmingham UK have entered into an agreement where Onyxrail will assist Televic Rail to promote their products to clients looking to refurbish and technically upgrade their vehicles. This will enable clients to respond the impending requirements of PRMTSI and to overcome the obsolescence and compatibility issues faced by legacy Passenger Information Systems. Onyxrail will also be the preferred installer of Televic Products for the after sales market.

The news of the partnership follows on from the announcement of Televic Rail as the supplier of Passenger Information Equipment for both Thameslink and IEP new build vehicles, placing Televic with a substantial footprint in the UK market. Televic have also created satellite JV manufacturing capabilities in Bulgaria, China and India to support their ongoing supply of products for worldwide train operators and new builders.

Remi Bilger – Sales & Business Development Manager of Televic said: "The valued adoption of Televic systems for two of the latest and most prestigious UK new build projects is very welcome. It demonstrates our commitment to the UK market and places Televic as a long term sustainable partner for PIS and other electronic products in the UK. Through our new partnership we look forward to our equipment being similarly useful to new UK clients that need to uplift and improve current rolling stock to include modern and compliant information systems."

Kevin Lane – Managing Director of Onyxrail said: "We are delighted to be appointed by Televic Rail to support their campaign. We envisage that a substantial investment will be made in rolling stock as train operators seek to improve the passenger travelling experience and train owners seek to add to the attractiveness of their fleets. We look forward to delivering our role both for Televic Rail and potential clients. Televic join an increasing number of companies that utilise the capability of Onyxrail for route to market and installation projects."

The Televic Products for both Thameslink and IEP will be on show at Rail Vehicle Enhancements 2013 at the Derby Rams Stadium on Pride Park on the 3 October 2013.