HUBER+SUHNER is once again proving that its cables are of the best quality and can be well placed in the demanding railway market.

CEN/TS 45545 is a technical specification that should become a European standard in the near future, however many train operators are already asking compliance to this specification in most of their products. The specification consists of several demanding tests concerning material toxicity, flammability (single and bunched cables) and smoke density. Due to the halogen-free PE dielectric characteristics, RF cables struggle to comply with such flammability tests. For this reason, we are proud to announce that the following RF railway cables fully comply with the tests required by CEN/TS 45545:

  • SPUMA_400-FR
  • S_10162_B-11
  • SX_04172_B-60

More tests on other RF railway cables will follow.

Certificates of conformity (CoC) and test reports are available in PDM and on the HUBER+SUHNER website.