Supeo CEO and founder Troels Hannecke is set to deliver a keynote speech on the use of Big Data in the railway and transportation industry as the headline sponsor of the International Railway Summit (IRS) 2016, taking place on 17-19 February 2016 in Vienna, Austria.

The presentation is on the topic of Big Data and the importance of getting and having control over the data that an organisation generates. Data is generated constantly, and there is a lot to be gained by ensuring that it is collected, stored and utilised. This talk is going to deal in-depth with methods of doing that in a way that generates value to the organisation and how to improve data handling and analysis.

It will also include real examples from the railway industry, to make the use of big data more tangible and approachable as a newcomer to big data.

Hannecke said: "It is an exciting topic, because while big, expensive solutions do exist, there are also a number of underused options that I will be looking forward to talking about, for example opening up access to data to entice outside developers to come up with ingenious usages."

It is not necessarily big data in general that creates big value, but it is the right amount of data used in the right way that creates the biggest value to an organisation.

In addition to providing a keynote presentation, Supeo will host an exhibition at stand G (the Henri Lou), and will provide one-to-one consultation to participating buyer companies as well as in networking functions throughout the summit.

For more information, contact Supeo.