Former Regionstog A/S CFO Benny Esmann Jensen has been selected as the CEO of Supeo Denmark, a subsidiary of the Supeo Group.

Benny E Jensen assumes the new role on 20 January 2016.

Jensen said: "I hope to be a positive contribution to Supeo and our customers, with the knowledge I have gained from my many years in the field of public transportation and infrastructure management.

"I think one of the most important things for me is basically to be able to see solutions rather than problems and to turn professional insight into software solutions that are a real help to the people who use them."

Jensen’s appointment is part of an ambitious and comprehensive process to allow Supeo to continue growing while still providing the same level of service and insight to customers.

Supeo CEO and founder Troels Hannecke said: "We are very proud to have the opportunity to welcome Mr Jensen to our organisation. It is a substantial development of our competences, both in terms of management and innovation. I look forward to continuing the positive development that Supeo has been enjoying over the past years now with Benny E. Jensen as a new catalyst. I believe that it will be beneficial for our customers, that we now have a substantial amount of expert knowledge within the fields that we produce IT solutions for. It is a part of our vision, that we are as professional within the fields that we offer solutions in, as our customers within those fields."

Prior to his new role as CEO, Mr. Jensen was CFO and IT responsible at Regionstog A/S, as well as CEO for Lollandsbanen A/S. During his tenure, Lollandsbanen A/S became the first railway in Denmark to provide customers with free on-board Wi-Fi.

Mr. Jensen’s primary focus has always been customer service and usability, which will continue to be the focus in his new role as CEO for Supeo Denmark.