Prover Technology has announced that SL, the infrastructure manager of Stockholm Metro, has licensed a Prover iLock solution for creating requirements for interlocking systems.

"It’s exciting to work with modern railway infrastructure managers like SL. Introducing a standard process for generating requirements will improve communication with suppliers and contractors, and provide a formal interface for the signaling system planning process. This deployment is yet another sign that the industry is moving towards increased use of modern engineering processes and tools, said Arne Boraelv, CEO of Prover Technology.

The output generated by the Prover iLock solution is used in automated development of interlocking software, or is applied in analysis of an existing interlocking, using formal verification and simulation. To date, the solution has been used for computerized interlocking systems in revenue-service on SL’s Roslagsbanan line and relay-based on line Saltsjobanan.

Usage process

The Prover iLock solution is used on a regular computer. The interlocking layout is either drawn using a drag-and-drop editor, or the corresponding data is imported from file. The configuration and requirements are then generated by Prover iLock, including automatic checking of the generated data, and functions to export the generated data to standard formats. In addition, the solution provides trace ability from the infrastructure manager requirements to the specific interlocking.