Our world is getting more and more digital. Complex process and control technology is increasingly gaining entry to electronic applications in the course of industry 4.0. This also involves the use of thermal management components, which are operated with DC voltage. STEGO with its many years of competence in DC products is aware of these needs and now focuses on this trend. DC Line items for cooling and lighting applications mark the starting point.

AC or DC? This is the initial question for the electrical design of control cabinets. The decision for AC or DC voltage to supply an application is fundamental and influences the entire circuit layout as well as the component selection. DC supply, that is, the transformation of AC voltage in DC voltage before entering the enclosure for the supply of the internal components, is becoming increasingly prevalent in the course of industry 4.0 and more complex process and control technology.

The electronics protectors from STEGO know these needs and have many years of experience with DC products in the segments of heating, regulating, cooling and lighting. Integrating our products into the DC Line takes this development into account. The enclosure light LED 025 Ecoline with operating voltages from DC 24V-48V (minimum DC 20V, maximum DC 60V) and the Filter Fan Plus FPI / FPO 018 with DC 24V and DC 48V mark the start in the STEGO DC Line.

The LED 025 Ecoline lights in their DC variants score with high fail-safety as well as long service life (60,000h). Glare-free brightness with daylight colour temperature (6,000K-7,000K, 400Lm at 120° beam angle) lead to true-colour illumination with low power consumption (5W). Mounting the compact LED lamp is easy with a choice between screw, clip or magnetic fixing. Optional connection for an external switch integrated on / off switch or integrated motion detector round off the features.

As DC variants the Filter Fans Plus FPI/FPO 018 also prove their innovative advantages. Available in three standard sizes (92mm x 92mm, 124mm x 124mm and 176mm x 176mm), the Filter Fan Plus is mounted easily and tool-free by means of its patented ratchet mount mechanism. The outstanding air flow performance by comparison to the fan diameters is due to the innovative air-flap outlet technology, which ventilates the air more unobstructed than in conventional systems from the enclosure. With low power consumption of 2.7W to 12W the Filter Fan Plus impressively confirms the efficiency of the DC approach.

The innovative and high-quality thermal management solutions from STEGO are committed to the principles of STEGO Engineering. With the introduction of the DC Line STEGO proves to be a reliable and application-oriented partner for OEM manufacturers and integrators in the field of electrical engineering.