Welser PR stainless steel profiles

When it is becoming complex, Welser Profile can draw on its strengths. Minimum tolerances? Excellent strength needed? We take up the challenge. Extra-long profiles? Count on us. We want to know what you need and we advance for you, as we did for one of our long-term customers in the field of rail vehicle construction.

In the course of the project ‘All Aboard Florida’ the transportation of passengers from Orlando to Miami has been revolutionised. Comfortable, safe, environmentally friendly and quick, this is how passengers shall travel in only three hours instead of four. To achieve this, not only the rails will be changed, but also the transportation vehicles will be replaced. Welser Profile delivered 25m-long special profiles for the whole coach body.

As in other projects, cooperation with our customer started as early as in the design stage to be able to offer an efficient, bespoke solution at reasonable costs. The extra-long I-beams are made of American stainless steel and they are heavy gauge but still distinguish through exact dimensions. They feature very tightly controlled straightness and twist tolerances, extremely symmetrical punching patterns, reduced waviness of the sides, and clean edges to reduce risks during assembly.

The particular challenge of this project was not the roll forming process, but definitely transportation of the profiles. These extra-long profiles were brought to Luxembourg by means of a specialised oversize truck including two escort vehicles. In Luxembourg they were loaded onto a plane to arrive at their destination via air freight.