The International Bus and Rail industry has experienced change over the past five to ten years in numerous areas such as market liberalisation, new entrants and innovative business models. Nevertheless, few operators have invested in new legacy or bespoke software systems to cope with changing market conditions.

That did not stop us to actively engage with operators across the globe to discuss their sales & distribution needs, existing legacy systems and demonstrate the power of our S3 Passenger sales and distribution software.

Having spent considerable time with operators (meetings and workshops) sharing and discussing business, operational and technical opportunities secured a shared understanding of needs and solutions of the industry in general and operators in particular. It allowed the operators to gain a better understanding of the S3 Passenger product functionalities and provided Sqills valuable roadmap input for further product innovation.

Since Q4 2014, operators are increasingly reaching out to Sqills with RFI’s, RFP’s and workshop invitations to address their business needs by means of proven software solutions. Sqills is at the moment actively engaged with various rail and bus operators addressing their RFI / RFP’s, facilitating workshops and negotiating contracts.

As a result of our efforts and the quality of our No1, industry leading, S3 Passenger sales & distribution software, we have recently signed up Irish Rail and an undisclosed international bus operator and will announce more contracts in the months to come.

Alexander Mul, Sqills board member: "The contract with this international Bus operator and the upcoming contracts underline the strength of our market leading S3 Passenger solution as the only true sales and distribution software suite for the Rail and Bus industry".