COFMOW (Central Organisation for Modernization of Workshops), the main purchasing institution of Indian Railways ordered two more spring test presses NST 250kN for the workshops Perambur and Mysore in Southern India.

The spring test presses will be mainly used for testing springs for the LHB bogies. Next to the normal vertical stiffness and reference height are also checked the lateral stiffness and the bowing angle.

This helps to increase the running characteristics of the bogies. The machine can test springs up to 1000mm height and 480mm diameter. The maximum load which can be applied is 250kN.

Nencki delivered already several machines to workshops of Indian railways and for a spring manufacturer which belongs to Indian Railways too.

Together with the machines COFMOW always orders a two years maintenance contract. Thanks to the local based Nencki service team a 96% availability can be guaranteed even under hardest conditions for the PC controlled and fully automatic spring test presses.