The Rugged COM Express module CB30C has been developed according to the EN 50155 railway standard, and is at the moment in the qualification process to achieve SIL 2 certification. Due to its robust design it is particularly suitable for safety-critical applications in mobile markets but also in demanding industrial applications.

Safe COM Module for Rail Applications

The CB30C complies with the requirements of the EN 50129 standard for system and hardware development in railways. Within the standard, the RCE-module will be certified to safety integrity level SIL 2 and comes with the appropriate certification package, which includes the safety case and the certification report from TÜV SÜD. The package will simplify the certification process of the final system considerably and will consequently shorten the project time.

For achieving the SIL 2 level, the board is monitored by an especially developed CPLD (Complex Programmable Logic Device) supervisor. In case the defined operating conditions like the power supply voltage or temperature reach the critical limits the safe supervisor interrupts the power of the subsystem, ensuring all external communications are stopped.

According to the Rugged-COM-Express standard, the CB30C is embedded in a massive aluminum frame protecting the electronics against environmental impacts like humidity, dust or electromagnetic radiation and additionally supporting operation in the extended temperature range of -40 to 85°C via conduction cooling. And of course the complete design is compliant to the EN 50155 railway standard.

Based on the QorIQ single core P1013 or dual core P1022 processor from Freescale, the CB30C running at up to 1GHz has an excellent performance per watt. With its focus on safe design, the CB30C still offers ample I / O functionality, including up to three Gigabit Ethernet and PCI Express interfaces, two SATA channels, up to four USB ports and UARTs.

The CB30C complies with the COM Express Basic form factor and type-six pin-out. A COM Express version without the aluminium frame is also on offer.

Price starting from €895, plus VAT for single units.