As railway signalling and control are at the core of maintaining a secure and efficient rail service, a dedicated communications networks is the key enabler of these railway systems. Now rail operators can continue to grow and develop their existing network, expanding services rapidly in high-density areas over existing low-cost copper plant.

The Avara Technologies DynaFlex SHDSL family is enabling the lowest possible total cost of ownership in rail communications by extending the life of existing services over copper. More importantly, existing Nokia Dynanet ACM2 customers, struggling with the end of life issues, can hot-swap the Avara Technologies SHDSL cards directly into the existing sub-racks, minimising network downtime and removing service outages.

"We set out to introduce information technology (IT) services for utility networks", stated Lasha Aponso, managing director of Avara Technologies. "We now have a unique position in ensuring the continuity of mission critical services of operational telecommunication (OT) networks."

With improved distance and bandwidth performance, the Avara Technologies DynaFlex SHDSL ensures a cleaner implementation through back plane integration and backward compatibility, with card-level integration into existing Nokia Dynanet equipment. This approach uniquely ensures network management over existing Q1 management networks, to mitigate cyber-security risks.