The DC/DC converters PCMDS80 from MTM Power® are specially designed as decentralised power supplies in vehicles and for supplying closed sub-systems in rolling stock applications. They are available with three wide input ranges thus enables the use of the converters on batteries with 24V to 100V according to the EN 50155 standard. The converters are also suitable for use in industrial and telecommunication applications.

The PCMDS80 are available with 80W output power and operate according to the single transistor forward converter topology with a frequency of 50kHz. With the help of a transformer and a secondary linear choke, a galvanically isolated output voltage (12V, 13.8V, 24V, 27.6V or 48V) is produced which is adjusted by pulse-width modulation according to the current mode principle. The devices can be operated in a temperature range of -40-70°C without derating and have an efficiency of up to 88%.

The dimensions of the base plate version are 119mm x 100mm x 40mm. Due to the rugged design with contact-cooling (BPC technology), it is possible to reduce the power loss via heat dissipation through the mounting plate while increasing the life-time of the devices at the same time. In addition a heat sink version with 119mm x 115mm x 65mm (length x width x height) is available.

The thermo-selective vacuum encapsulation (EP 1 987 708, US Patent No. 8,821,778 B2) guarantees homogeneous heat dissipation within the modules as well as an excellent resistance against environmental influences such as shock, vibration and humidity. The converters need no ground load and are short-circuit protected by primary and secondary power limiting. They are maintenance-free, prepared for the use in devices with Protection Class II and fulfil the fire protection directive EN 45 545-2.