Series PCMDS60W: Flat and Compact

MTM Power GmbH, the specialist for individual power supplies, has designed the DC/DC converters series PCMDS60W especially for automotive applications. These primary switched DC/DC converters are available with an output power of 60W and operate according to the push-pull principle, such as the input dc-voltage is chopped by two push-pull working transistors with a frequency of approx. 70 kHz.

With the help of a transformer and a secondary linear choke, a galvanically isolated output voltage (5.2V, 12V, 15V, 24V or 48V) is produced, which is adjusted by pulse-width modulation according to the current mode principle.

The converters are available with a wide input range for battery voltages of 24V, 36V, 48V, 60V, 72V, 96V and 110V acc. EN 50 155. The dimensions are 13 mm x 69mm x 30mm (length x wide x height). Due to this flat design, the series PCMDS60W is also suitable for applications where only little space is available.

They are connected via spring clamps, which meet the special requirements e. g. in railway applications as regards to vibration resistance and reduced time for wiring. The converters need no ground load, are maintenance free and short-circuit protected by primary and secondary power limitation.

They are vacuum potted, prepared for the use in devices with Protection Class II and fulfil the low voltage directive. Further features are a mechanically and electrically rugged design using SMD-technology and an automatic piece-by-piece test. The converters have to be mounted on a heat-dissipating surface for cooling.