Apart from simple temperature measurements in various fields of application and industries today, not only temperature changes can be measured and controlled via sensors but also changes of varied materials and systems.

It should be noted that non-electrical signals need to be converted into electrical signals by means of uniform signals or field busses.

In the field of e-mobility where high-voltage batteries are controlled and the safety of the user needs to be guaranteed, SAB Bröckskes has, together with its partner CSM GmbH, developed a special temperature measurement system.

Besides high-voltage sensors, SAB Bröckskes also produces harnessed cables and wires for pressure sensors, turbo rev counters, and flow sensors. SAB’s harnessed cables for strain gauges, which determine the compression and extension of measuring objects by resistance changes, are used for instance in the automotive industry for the determination of material changes on a car. Here changes of the metal due to shakes on the street are going to be measured.

Additionally, a fast evaluation of the measured values plays an important role. An increase in efficiency is reached through the so-called transducer electronic data sheet (TEDS) system. Similarly to plug & play, this system is termed plug & measure. It serves as a fast and direct analysis of measured data on evaluation units.

SAB Bröckskes is your trusted partner for sensors. The company delivers temperature measurement, wires and harnessed cables from one source.

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