Sqills provided the software solution S3 Passenger for the new low-cost service, IZY, announced by Thalys. The S3 Passenger sales and distribution system, comprises of revenue management, booking engine, seat reservation system, inventory management system, pricing engine, CRM front-end and booking office and handheld validation solutions.

"Today we take a new step with a new solution based on a simple equation. Slightly reducing speed and simplifying the service to a maximum can propose a journey at a low price but one which is still faster, safer, more sustainable and more comfortable than by car", says Agnès Ogier, CEO of Thalys.

Thalys teams worked on each of the levers available to them to design this new alternative:

  • By using the classic lines in France, and not the high-speed line, IZY reduces its infrastructure cost while preserving the train’s speed advantage over the road.
  • By simplifying on-board service, renouncing ticket flexibility and digitalising distribution and customer service, IZY is able to reduce its operating costs.
  • Result: low-cost prices for a city centre to city centre international liaison, in a journey time that remains unbeatable compared to the car.

The S3 Passenger solution offers user-friendly features that contribute to the overall goal of reducing distribution cost, increasing revenue and improving customer satisfaction for bus operators and its customers.

IZY is offering a new direct connection between Brussels-Midi and Paris Gare du Nord, two to three daily round trips starting April 3rd. The IZY tickets are put on sale two months before the train’s departure, to better meet customers’ expectations. Distribution is exclusively online on IZY’s website and soon on the sites of distribution partners.

Wouter Cassee, managing director van Sqills: "Sqills congratulates Thalys with the new brand IZY. We are pleased and proud that we can contribute to the future successes of IZY with the implementation of S3 Passenger. Besides that we are proud to welcome another new partner to our S3 Passenger software."

To find out more and make a booking visit the Sqills or IZY websites.