Westermo is continuing in its ambition to provide industrial network solutions that are easy to use. The latest step is within WeConfig, Westermo’s network configuration management software used to enhance the usability of the WeOS family of industrial routers, switches and ethernet line extenders.

WeConfig was first launched in June 2014 to simplify initial configuration, backup and firmware upgrades to Westermo devices. This release of version 1.1 adds a number of important benefits for network engineers.

A major step for WeConfig is that it can now be used as a simple monitoring and diagnostics tool, in addition to its configuration capabilities. Westermo has comprehensive network resilience technology, including FRNT, RSTP, OPSF, LACP, RIP and VRRP within WeOS, which ensure a network can remain fully functional even in the event of media failure.

To achieve resilience, WeOS devices automatically reconfigure themselves so the processes running on the network are unaffected. What this means, however, is that the user may be unaware that a failure has occurred. WeConfig can now graphically display where a failed link is, as well as record the time of the event.

"Information such as port link status, data-rate, bytes, errors, broadcast, multicast and unicast counters are displayed in a simple tabular format."

Thanks to an additional SNMP trap-logging function, statistical data stored in WeOS devices can now also be easily displayed on-screen to assist with any resulting problem diagnosis. Information such as port link status, data-rate, bytes, errors, broadcast, multicast and unicast counters are displayed in a simple tabular format.

Project files have also been introduced meaning that an engineer can maintain a number of different networks and store all the associated backup files and topology information. These files can be used to allow a fast and easy replacement and reconfiguration of a damaged switch in the field. A new device can be installed in the network and will automatically be discovered by WeConfig. The configuration file of the old unit can simply be restored from the project file and the network is repaired.

Another helpful tool to assist the network engineer is a scheduler to remind him to take a periodic backup of configuration files. This way the engineer can be confident he has a reliable and ready set of recovery data in the event of a network failure.

The Westermo WeOS family now contains more than 70 different units, including the recently launched Redfox and RFIR rack switch solution, the Lynx field switches and serial device servers, Wolverine ethernet line extenders, Viper EN 50155 approved switches and Falcon broadband router.

Westermo provide robust, reliable and resilient edge network solutions – made easy.

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