RFSRadio Frequency Systems (RFS), the global wireless and broadcast infrastructure specialist, today announced that it has successfully deployed an industry-leading wireless in-tunnel coverage system for the Guangshen section of the Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Express Rail Link (Guangshengang XRL).

RFS provided its technical leading RADIAFLEX® radiating cable product and accessories, together with a range of services, including system design, installation supervision and commissioning, enabling superior mission-critical and commercial communications in all tunnels.

As a significant strategic national express rail project that connects Hong Kong to the national express rail network in the mainland, Guangshengang XRL runs a total distance of 142km and features 26 newly built tunnels, with a total length of 32.77km along the link.

Shiziyang tunnel, with a length of 10.8km, is the most noteworthy tunnel for its sheer size. It is the longest underwater shield tunnel in China and is designed for speeds of up to 350km/h, making it the fastest underwater tunnel in the world. RFS successfully delivered a reliable wireless distribution system, allowing continuous wireless access in the tunnel.

RADIAFLEX radiating cables, as the main part of RFS in-tunnel wireless coverage solution, are ideal for addressing confined coverage challenges. Across the tunnels on the Guangshen Section, to meet different applications of mission-critical and commercial communications, RFS deployed the RAYU series and RLKU series of RADIAFLEX radiating cables.

The RAYU series is specially optimised for vertical polarisation in design and provides particularly low coupling loss, making it the best suited cable for GSM-R services. The RLKU series, supporting from 30MHz to 2500MHz, is widely used for commercial wireless applications.

With its wideband feature, RLKU series of radiating cables therefore allow multi-operator and multi-band applications. The commercial communications coverage solution provided in the tunnels is jointly owned by China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom, supporting the three operators’ multiple applications.

In addition, all RADIAFLEX radiating cables provided are flame and fire-retardant, while the clamps installed are flame-retardant, which ensures reliable communication between train and railway control centres, even in the event of fire.

Robert Hsu, vice president of sales and marketing at RFS Asia said: "We are greatly honoured to be involved in this milestone express rail project with RFS’ sophisticated in-tunnel coverage solutions for both commercial and mission-critical services along the line.

"For more than 40 years, we have provided a wide variety of wireless coverage solutions for the world’s metros, railways and road tunnels, mines, ships and airports. With our well-developed products, solutions and services, we are striving to be the strategic telecommunication partner of transportation operators to meet their every business objective."