Innovation Centre

The Frauscher Group is investing €8 million into the extension of the wheel sensor production and the construction of a new building at their headquarters in St Marienkirchen. With the expansion, the production capacity of sensors can be doubled.

The new building is going to be the hub for the active research and development work of the company. The new construction project is an important milestone in securing Frauscher´s position as an international technology leader in the field of railway signalling.

Frauscher Innovation Centre

The new Frauscher Innovation Centre will be the company’s hub, where information from global markets is going to be collected, evaluated and fed into the structured development process.

As part of the new extension and in order to build up the structures needed for the future, the company is also strengthening its human resources. Michael Thiel, CEO of Frauscher Sensor Technology, stresses on the great importance of research and development in the growth strategy of the company:

"Long-term success is based on unique selling propositions and innovation of the product portfolio, which are primarily dependent on intense, efficient and target-oriented research and development. To achieve this on the highest level, new state-of-the-art laboratories and test facilities will be set up in the new building."

Extension of production capacity

Customers especially appreciate the high flexibility of Frauscher products which has been an important factor for the international success of the company. Currently Frauscher has subsidiaries on all continents.

Since 2014, Frauscher has also expanded their presence in North America, Malaysia and Algeria. The increasing number of orders and large projects called for a further extension of the production facilities. For this reason the capacity of the sensor production department is to be doubled to reach 30,000 pieces per year.

Future-oriented advancement

As owner of Frauscher Sensor Technology, the Frauscher Foundation has the clear objective to further increase the innovative strength, growth and profitability of the company.

The foundation model of the company guarantees a stable ownership structure, absolute autonomy and a clear long-term orientation. The new building, under responsibility of Frauscher Holding GmbH is yet another component of this concept.

"By investing into R&D we reaffirm our independence which will allow us to continue setting up research and development alliances with operators and system integrators at any time. The extension of the production will also enable us to reliably and efficiently realise bigger projects", Michael Thiel summarises.