As on-board WiFi becomes an ever more vital weapon for train operators, a global gathering of transport companies and new system suppliers is expected to descend on London on 12 and 13 June for BWCS’s Train Communications Systems 2013. Registration for the event is now open.

The conference will hear how the addition of on-train WiFi has been proven to increase passenger numbers and passenger satisfaction. In addition, broadband wireless services to trains can add new revenue streams through adverts, better information for those on board and enable train companies to introduce cost-saving operational systems.

By the end of 2012, BWCS counted no fewer than 50 train operating companies, in Europe alone, offering on-board internet access to passengers. This marks a huge growth in a relatively short space of time and the market for such services is set expand much further.

Join the throng of train companies, rail authorities, metro operators and new competitors from around the world to discuss the latest developments and new services in this fast-moving sector.

Book your place now to join the discussion on how train wireless systems can deliver real benefits for passengers and train operators alike and discover how companies are harnessing these services to enhance customer service delivery and make their trains safer, more secure and above all more profitable.