German train operator Deutsche Bahn (DB) has begun rolling out passenger Wi-Fi services on its regional train network. The first four trains to be kitted out are in the North Rhine-Westphalia area. Up until now, Deutsche Bahn had restricted on-train Wi-Fi services to its high-speed ICE fleet.

The train company has also launched pilot schemes aimed at testing Wi-Fi on trains and other local transport services. At the same time, some of Deutsche Bahn’s competitors in the regional market have started trialling Wi-Fi on board services. The largest of these is in Westfalenbahn which has fitted out 28 of its trains with Wi-Fi.

Back in 2014, local transport operator Zweckverband Großraum GMBH (ZBG), signed up Nomad Digital to supply passenger Wi-Fi on 20 new Alstom trains it had ordered. The kit went on the new rolling stock supplied by Alstom to the regional transport planner.

Icomera supplies on-board Internet connectivity for passengers on Deutsche Bahn’s extensive fleet of long distance ICE trains. According to the Swedish-based technology company, its contract covers all 259 ICE trains currently in operation, plus a further 130 which are on order. The ICE trains, which come in four different iterations, are the flagships of DB’s extensive armada of rolling stock.

This year’s Wi-Fi on Trains Conference hosted by BWCS in London in June, will feature presentations on the launch of Wi-Fi on both DB Regio and DB’s high-speed ICE fleet. The Conference will cover the expanding market for on-board Wi-Fi services as well as the problems of intermittent mobile coverage, proposed trackside solutions and other issues.

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