RECOM Converters Fully Certified for Use on Rolling Stock

Railway technology sets high technical and quality standards for all of the components in their systems. Extreme conditions such as vibration, shock, extreme heat and cold are all part of the daily routine.

With over 30 years experience in design and manufacture of DC/DC converters, AC/DC modules and LED drivers, RECOM offers the railway industry a broad range of low power supply products, which have a proven history of working reliably for many years under the harshest railway conditions.

To ensure that the products used in railway applications meet the specific requirements and demanding quality standards, the railway-specific RPR-series are fully certified to EN50155: Railway Applications – Electronic Equipment used on Rolling Stock including EN50121: Railway Applications – Electromagnetic Compatibility.

Some manufacturers state that their products are "compliant" with the requirements of the railway standards, but don’t include test results for all aspects of the standard. RECOM’s RPR series have detailed test results for electrical performance, EMC, and environmental compliance available, and that’s why renowned producers of railway, tram and subway systems around the world trust RECOM quality products.