Rajant will show you how to build upon your wireless network selling expertise to develop new revenue opportunities at the Rajant Partner Summit 2016.

You’ve proven your subject matter expertise in wireless network communications for your chosen vertical. Now Rajant will equip you with additional tools and industry knowledge to build upon that expertise – helping you become more competitive in your current market, and also diversify into ancillary segments where new revenue opportunities await.

We recognise that some vertical market segments are particularly challenging right now, and therefore diversification will be key to success.

This year’s Rajant Partner Summit will be structured to provide the professional development training our partners need to access other, more opportunistic segments for new revenue gains.

Rajant will conduct educational sessions to help our dealers:

  • Generate new revenue streams with your Rajant Kinetic Mesh™ network sales
  • Better identify and prospect opportunities in current and new markets
  • Refine your selling strategies by better understanding Rajant’s technical value proposition for different vertical markets
  • Assess the competition and technically differentiate Kinetic Mesh™ network to successfully sell against traditional Wi-Fi solutions not optimised for rugged, high-interference environment
  • Define the true business and technical value props that are meaningful to network operators

Benefits of attending the summit will include:

  • Increase the number of business opportunities you qualify for with the tools to do so quickly
  • Invest in your future by extending your subject matter expertise to new markets
  • Walk away with a loaded USB that includes Rajant’s latest market-specific sales and marketing tools, technical content, ROI metrics, white papers, and more to help you go-to-market in 2016 feeling confident

The summit will take place from the 24-29 April 2016 in Wickenburg, Arizona, US.