ThermOmegaTech® is expanding its offering of one of its flagship product lines, the GURU® DL2.1 and GURU® Magnum valve, to markets worldwide.

The GURU valve is an innovative freeze protection solution for diesel locomotives that eliminates costly freeze damage in extremely cold temperatures with no outside power required, and easy installation and maintenance.

The GURU Magnum valve offers the same freeze protection in a larger valve size, for double the flow in drain time. More than 95% of all North American Class 1 Railroads currently use the GURU line of freeze protection valves.

ThermOmegaTech vice-president of sales for railroad Paul Driscoll said: "Every year, Class 1 Railroads face the need to protect billions of dollars in equipment from the threat of freezing.

"The GURU self-actuated, water-sensing freeze protection valves empty the water cooling system in a diesel electric locomotive at the set temperature to prevent costly freeze damage."

The GURU valve product range will continue to be fully designed and manufactured in the US.

The worldwide launch of the GURU valve will include the same guarantee to provide customers with the best-constructed, highest-performing freeze protection products in the industry backed by first-class customer service.

"We’re excited to expand our business to customers in need worldwide, and remain fully committed to standing by our products and providing exceptional service for our customers," said Driscoll.

In addition to designing and manufacturing water temperature control valves where current solutions do not exist, ThermOmegaTech offers a return and repair programme to help customers protect their investment while remaining economical and reducing waste.