RAIL.ONE Group, the leading international manufacturer of concrete sleepers and systems provider for railtrack infrastructure, has further expanded its international business activities by signing three successful contracts for upgrading rail lines in Hungary and Romania. These projects will enable a big portion of the full production capacity in RAIL.ONE factories in these countries until late 2013.

The Hungarian order involves the lines from Szajol, via Kisújszállás to Püspökladány, in the eastern part of the country. Plans are for complete refurbishment of this line. By the end of 2013 the Hungarian subsidiary of RAIL.ONE, called Lábatlani Vasbetonpari Zrt, will deliver approximately 264,000 concrete sleepers for the project. In addition, the company will supply around 73,000 concrete sleepers for the rail connection between Kelenföld, a borough of Budapest, to the suburb of Tarnok.

In Romania, the line from Arad via Curtici to the Hungarian border will be extended and refurbished. This rail line is part of Transeuropean Transport Corridor IV, which runs in Romania from Curtici via Arad and through Simeria, Braşov and Bucharest to Constanza. For the project, S.C. TRAVERTEC S.R.L, the Romanian subsidiary of RAIL.ONE, received an order to deliver approximately 230,000 concrete sleepers, as well as 11,000 linear metres of turnout sleepers.

"These project successes once again evidence the competence of RAIL.ONE as leading provider of concrete sleepers in Germany and around the world," says RAIL.ONE Vice President of Sales Gundolf Spitzner.

"The further expansion of railway infrastructure in Eastern Europe – subsidized by the various countries and supported by European funding – also promises attractive opportunities for further business development."