Many rail maintenance organisations are struggling to stay profitable. Bids are getting lower and possession time shorter. In turn, organisations are forced to lower their prices just to get by.

One of the biggest hurdles facing rail infrastructure contractors today is their planning system. Many organisations use separate systems to manage bids, projects, services, and more. This may have worked in the early days when railways were less complex, but a lot has changed since then.

Today’s infrastructure managers need an integrated planning system to effectively plan across all horizons and detect potential conflicts that could eat into the company’s profits. In this webinar, we will explore integrated planning in greater depth, and how it is the key to profitability.

Watch the recording of our webinar of September 9, and discover how integrated planning can help you:

  • Create integrated plans for all projects and maintenance activities, employees and machines for all time horizons
  • Keep the impact of the project overruns to a minimum
  • Develop bids that are feasible and profitable
  • Integrate planned emergency maintenance with minimal impact on existing projects
  • Minimise the cost and associated effects of hiring short-term staff or renting expensive equipment

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