BWCS will be hosting their fourth annual conference on Rail CCTV this November in London. The event is the only one to focus directly on the issues facing train companies, transport groups and rail authorities as they struggle to make trains and stations more secure, gain direct access to on-train CCTV images and develop new cost-saving systems to capitalise on the emerging generation of IP cameras.

The key transport groups, rail administrators, politicians and industry experts will gather together from across Europe and the rest of the world to discuss the developments in this crucial sector.

Rail CCTV 2013 provides a rare opportunity for those involved in this sector to get together and compare problems, solutions, standards and progress and above all to assess the future.

As ever, the Rail CCTV Conference will provide some great networking opportunities and there are some sponsorship opportunities still available.

"There is a vast and steadily increasing number of CCTV cameras on trains and metros, covering tracks, depots and stations that can not only record events, but can track suspects, capture evidence, help avoid crimes or over-crowding and even save lives," points out, Graham Wilde CEO of BWCS. "At the same time, ever-more sophisticated management systems and reporting tools are helping train operators and rail authorities put this army of CCTV devices to ever-more productive uses."