Sqills has implemented its sales and distribution suite S3 PASSENGER for two new customers; OUIBUS (SNCF subsidiary) and IZY (new Thalys low-cost offer) towards the end of the first quarter of 2016.

"These S3 Passenger implementations mark the ongoing international interest in our product-leading rail and bus sales and distribution suite", says Alexander Mul – Sqills board member. Each of these operators have chosen S3 Passenger for its out of the box functionality, flexibility, time to market and the Sqills expertise and related partnership focus.

Frederic Miel, project leader IZY for Thalys, commented: "IZY had to be launched in a very short timeframe. We needed a sales and distribution system and partner that we could rely on. Sqills offered S3 Passenger and were able to implement the sales and distribution suite in time and Sqills proved to be a knowledgeable partner in this project."

At the same time, the teams of OUIBUS (supported by consulting firm Solucom) and SQILLS also started working on the replacement of OUIBUS’s existing reservation system by S3 PASSENGER to improve their existing legacy systems on points deemed critical for the company’s future development. "That included a complete replacement of the current inventory, pricing, sales and distribution software", commented Isabelle André, OUIBUS CIO.

"Running a project of this magnitude while rebranding the company and launching a new product offering was a challenge. The new sales and distribution system is critical to meet our ambitious marketing goals and the Sqills and OUIBUS project teams have done a great job implementing and configuring S3 Passenger to our needs, and on time!"

"The realisation of the S3 Passenger projects was an excellent team effort between our customers and Sqills", said Bart van Munster, Sqills board member. "It was challenging and inspiring to implement S3 Passenger for each customer to successfully operate in a highly competitive European market place."

Roland de Barbentane, OUIBUS Directeur Général, added: "The Sqills, Solucom and OUIBUS Teams have done an excellent job, working together as a single project team to achieve a smooth transition. They managed to make it look simple and easy, which was obviously not the case! This is an important move for OUIBUS making the company even more equipped and agile to continue to strengthen its place on this challenging market."

Wouter Cassee, Sqills board member: "These two implementations, covered 95% out of the box functionality. This signals the suite’s powerful features and fit with operators needs."

Alexander Mul: "The Sqills team has been working hard and is committed to deliver the best available sales and distribution software for the bus and rail industry. Ongoing product development will support our ‘best in class’ status and our customer references indicate that we are on the right track."